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If you are the first to join from your team, create a new account.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. Confirm your email.
  4. Proceed to account setup.

This will land you in an empty FIBRES account that you can use free for 30 days.

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Account setup

Choosing data sources

Choose data sources for your free trial. You can also integrate other data sources with FIBRES by contacting our team.

  • FIBRESEED recommendations from RSS feeds and news sites
  • A sample set of curated trend content from TRENDONE
  • A powerup for searching the MAPEGY database

Choosing Radars

Choose the Radar layout for your free trial. You can get a fully customized Radar by contacting our team after setting up your account.

  • Impact radar with 2 sectors. Choose this Radar setup, when you want to categorize trends based on how they affect your business.
  • Domain radar with 6 sectors. Choose this Radar setup, if you want to categorize trends based on where the trends themselves originate from.