MAPEGY integration

Browse the MAPEGY InnovationGraph database within FIBRES and add interesting findings with one click.

What is MAPEGY

The MAPEGY InnovationGraph is a unique database that contains information on publications, like news articles, patents, research papers, organizations, like companies, universities, startups and investors, and experts, like inventors, researchers, and managers.

How to search MAPEGY

There are two ways to launch the MAPEGY powerup within FIBRES.

In Source:

  1. Navigate to Source.
  2. Under Powerups, click MAPEGY to open the powerup.
  3. Enter your search keyword(s).

Within your content:

  1. Open any Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend.
  2. Scroll down to MAPEGY.
  3. Click Manage linkages to open the link editor.
  4. Enter your search keyword(s).

Help center - data sources - Mapegy

How to add content from MAPEGY

There are two ways to add MAPEGY content into your account. Both ways create a new Signal from the MAPEGY content.

Import to FIBRES

  1. Click Import to FIBRES.

With the Web Clipper

  1. Click on the search result to open it in your web browser.
  2. Click on the Add to FIBRES bookmark.