TRENDONE integration

Get TRENDONE content pushed into your account.


TRENDONE TrendExplorer is a curated database of trending topics, with new content added each month. With the TRENDONE data source, all of TRENDONE's existing and new content is added into your account.


Editing TRENDONE content

TRENDONE content is saved into your account using the FIBRES content template. This content template allows you to work with TRENDONE content as you would with any other piece of content, including:

Our integration only brings new content from TRENDONE, ensuring that your edits and enrichments never get overwritten.


Content levels in TRENDONE content

The TRENDONE content is structured into 3 content levels: Mega-trends, Macro-trends, and Micro-trends.

When TRENDONE content is brought to FIBRES, the content labels are changed to match FIBRES structuring:

  • Mega-trends → Megatrends
  • Macro-trends → Trends
  • Micro-trends → Signals

Linkages in TRENDONE content

The TRENDONE content comes with ready-made linkages:

  • Megatrends are linked to Trends that support it
  • Trends are linked to Signals that support it

To see all linkages:

  • Open any TRENDONE Signal, Trend, or Megatrend.
  • Scroll down to Linked Content.
  • Click Manage linkages to open a link editor.
  • Open the tab Linked.


Get a free sample set of TRENDONE content

When signing up for a free trial of FIBRES, you can opt for a sample set of TRENDONE content. This sample set includes approximately 200 Signals, Trends, and Megatrends.

If you didn't opt for this option while signing up for the free trial, please contact, and we'll set up the sample data set for you.

Include TRENDONE in your subscription

Contact to include TRENDONE in your subscription.