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Get started

How to get started with FIBRES quickly

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Understand FIBRES terminology.

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How to create your own findings database

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How to build radars with FIBRES

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Network and linkages

How to create linkages within findings

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Web clipper

How to save new signals from the web

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How to track your own sources within FIBRES

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How to use summaries to group findings together

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Assistive AI

How to speed your foresight work with AI

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How to assess your findings with classifications

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Data sets

How to add ready-made data sets

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Best practices

How to make the best use of FIBRES

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Users and accounts

How to invite users and manage user roles

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Sharing and exporting

How to share your foresight work with the world

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How to match FIBRES with your needs

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Frequently asked questions

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How to integrate with other tools

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