User roles and rights

User roles define which type of content your users have edit rights to. User roles can be managed in Your community.

Default user roles

The default user roles in FIBRES are:

  • Administrator
  • Trend manager
  • Trend scout
  • Read-only user

Custom user roles

If you want to discuss more varied user roles, contact us at

User rights per user role

Inviting and revoking other users

Administrators can invite

  • Administrators
  • Trend managers
  • Trend scouts
  • Read-only users

Trend managers can invite

  • Trend scouts
  • Read-only users

Trend scouts and Read-only users can't invite new users.


Administrators can create, edit, and link

  • Megatrends
  • Trends
  • Signal clusters
  • Signals

Trend managers can create, edit, and link

  • Megatrends
  • Trends
  • Signal clusters
  • Signals

Trend scouts can create, edit, and link

  • Signal clusters
  • Signals

Read-only users can't create, edit, or link any content.


All user roles can create summaries, except Read-only users.

If collaborator-mode is on for summaries

All users that are invited as a collaborator in the summary.


All user roles can comment on findings and summaries.


All user roles can participate in polls.

Requesting account-level changes

Administrators can request new configurations, such as

  • New radars
  • New classifications
  • New sources

If other user roles request these changes, we'll ask for a confirmation from one of your Administrators.

Best practices for assigning user roles

Administrators should be assigned to

  • The people who are responsible for the whole process of using FIBRES in your organization, such as the head of foresight, trend manager, innovation manager, strategy lead,  or head of the business.
  • We recommend having two Administrators at a minimum.

Trend managers should be assigned to

  • The people who work across all types of content in FIBRES, and who are possibly responsible for trend impact assessments and facilitating the work of others.

Trend scouts should be assigned to

  • The people who are responsible for horizon scanning and spotting new signals.

Read-only users should be assigned to

  • The people who are not expected to give their active contribution but who you want to keep updated on what is going on.

How to change the user role

If you are an Administrator or Trend manager, you can change the user role of another user in Your community.

  1. Click the drop-down menu and select Your community.
  2. Scroll down to the list of users.
  3. Click the three vertical dots ⋮ to the right of a user's name.
  4. Select Change role.
  5. Select the new level.

The user role is changed immediately and the user gets an email about their new user role.

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