How to use the Network

The Network view is a great tool for exploring your content visually. If your Network is empty, create two trends and link them together.

What is the Network view

The Network shows your findings and linkages them as a network graph. Signals are excluded from the Network due to their sheer mass in many accounts.

Thick lines

Thick lines represent linkages between findings. These linkages have been made by someone in your account, or they came with the data set.

Thin lines

Thin lines represent shared signals. When FIBRES notices that two findings share a significant number of linked signals, it connects the findings with a thin line.

View summaries with summary layers

Summaries are not shown on the Network view by default. However, you can view your summaries on the Network by turning on summary layers.

This adds your selected summary types to the Network as rectangles. Thick lines represent the linked findings. It's a handy way to see which findings your summaries are connected to.

How to grow the Network

When you create a finding with the finding type megatrend, trend, or signal cluster, it will be added to the Network view automatically. Creating a linkage will draw a thick line.

If your Network is empty or full of disconnected items, you haven't created any findings or linkages between them yet.

Download an image of your Network

You can download a PNG or an SVG image of your Network. Click the download button in the top-right corner of the Network view.

You can zoom in to a specific part of the Network before downloading, or apply filters to only show part of the Network in the downloaded image.

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