Find new signals with Sources

FIBRES lets you easily keep track of your sources in one place, the Sources view.

What is the Sources section

Sources is one of the main views of FIBRES. It's the place where you can look for new findings to be added to your database.

Search the FIBRESEED feed in Sources

Our FIBRESEED service already tracks 100+ hand-picked, trustworthy sources and lists articles from them in Sources.

Create findings from Sources

You can easily create findings from articles listed in Sources.

  1. Select the articles by clicking the selector.
  2. Click Create finding in the action toolbar.

A new finding is created with the finding type Signal.

After creating a finding from Sources, you can proceed to link it with an existing finding in your FIBRES database. We would recommend linking the new signal with an existing signal cluster or trend on the same topic.

Add your own sources to FIBRESEED

We can easily incorporate your favorite sources in the service, including:

  • Specific websites
  • RSS feeds
  • Google Alerts
  • Open databases
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