Using AI picks to find new Signals

Get suggestions for possible new linkages from AI picks.

What are AI picks

AI picks are intelligent content recommendations.  FIBRES automatically selects AI picks for every finding and summary.

You can use these suggestions to create linkages within your existing findings and summaries, and to add completely new inputs to your account from connected data sources.

How AI picks works

FIBRES uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze your content and identify relevant matches. AI picks exposes you to related inputs, including controversial and different points of view.

How AI Picks are selected

Relevant matches are identified by analyzing the finding's title, description, and tags. AI picks also analyzes the latest linked findings and summaries to understand the full scope of the topic.

Tip: Get better recommendations

Are you seeing little or no recommendations? Try writing a longer description and making some linkages. AI picks updates in real-time.

Where AI picks come from

AI picks suggests content from your account and connected sources.

  • Findings
  • Summaries
  • Content from connected sources not yet in your account (tagged FIBRESEED, for example)

Tip: AI picks + FIBRESEED = scouting shortcut

FIBRESEED sources content from selected RSS feeds, news sites, and open databases. If you have FIBRESEED turned on, you will be exposed to thousands of pieces of content relevant to the topic you are working on. It's like a scouting shortcut.

How to find AI picks

AI picks can be found within each finding and summary.

  1. Open any finding or summary.
  2. Scroll down to AI picks to see the first recommendations.
  3. Click Manage linkages to see all recommendations.

Create linkages to AI picks

You can easily create linkages to content recommended by AI picks. If you create a linkage to a piece of content that is not yet in your account, a signal is created in the background.

You can create linkages to the most relevant AI Picks without opening the link editor. Just click the link icon in the top right corner of the content cards.

AI picks update before I have time to quick link

The AI picks will update when you add new linkages. If you see multiple articles you'd like to bring to FIBRES, we recommend working inside the link editor so you don't miss any valuable content recommendations.

  1. Under AI picks, click Manage linkages to open a link editor.
  2. Within the AI picks tab, select all the articles you want to save as signals.
  3. Click Link.
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