How to find similar findings

Use the Find similar feature in Findings to spot patterns in your data and easily cluster your data.

What is Find similar

Find similar is a functionality that helps you locate related findings you have saved in FIBRES.

How to locate related findings

Using Find similar, you can locate related findings in your FIBRES account:

  1. Navigate to Findings.
  2. Select one finding with the selector.
  3. Click Find similar from the pop-up action bar.

FIBRES lists similar findings to the finding you selected using NLP.

"Find similar" is available in the action bar when one finding is selected.

How to cluster related findings

After locating similar findings, you may want to cluster the findings into a new finding:

  1. Select the relevant findings from the list created with Find similar.
  2. Click Link and select With a new finding.
  3. Select the desired finding type from the modal, for example Signal cluster.
  4. Give the new finding a title and click Create.

A new finding is created with linkages to the findings you selected in step 1.

You can easily create clusters from findings listed with "Find similar".
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