The anatomy of a finding

Every finding in FIBRES has a similar structure. Read on to understand the anatomy of a finding.

Default finding template

Findings consist of the following elements from top to bottom:

  • Cover image or video
  • Title
  • Finding type (Public or Private)
  • Visibility setting
  • Description
  • Sources, Hyperlinks, Attachments
  • Owner or source
  • Actions (Follow, Archive, Delete, etc.)
  • Statistics
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Position on radar
  • Classifications
  • Polls (if enabled)
  • Linked items
  • AI picks

Default summary template

Summaries have a very similar template to findings. The main difference is that summaries can't be positioned to radars, classified, or included in polls, and thus don't have the corresponding sections for those actions.

Customize the templates

The finding and summary templates can be customized. If you need a custom template for your findings, contact us at

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