How to create findings

Grow your findings database by creating findings. See the different ways to create new findings.

Click the Create button

Starting to work on a new topic? Click Create. You'll be guided to choose a finding type and give your finding a title.

Scrape PDFs

FIBRES can scrape your PDFs for you. Just select PDF in the Create flow and FIBRES scrapes the beginning of the PDF and ads the PDF document as an attachment to the finding.

Use the web clipper

Add news articles with the web clipper. If you don't have the web clipper installed, you can try adding a news article by selecting Create in the main menu. But the web clipper is way faster.

Add from AI picks

AI picks are intelligent recommendations from our FIBRESEED database. If you see an interesting article under AI picks, click the link icon to add it to FIBRES and link it to the finding you were working on.

Import and Excel or CSV

Have you collected inputs into different tools or spreadsheets? We can import those to FIBRES in one go. Contact support for data imports.

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