What is FIBRES

FIBRES is a foresight tool designed to help you build your own futures intelligence. It assists in gathering, interpreting, and leveraging valuable insights for your foresight processes.

FIBRES offers features like trend database building, trend radar building, horizon scanning, and trend mapping. It's suitable for consultants, corporations, policymakers, and research and education purposes.

What you can do with FIBRES

Collect and organize signals

FIBRES helps you keep track of weak signals, trends, technologies, radars, and scenarios in one place.

Manage and assess trends

Collaborate with your team to create a database of signals and trends relevant to your organization.

Build trend radars

Create interactive trend radars with your own trends and categories to share with stakeholders.

Automated monitoring

Follow a feed of signals from trusted sources and widen your perspectives with AI-suggested inputs.

Sensemaking and clustering

Discover the interconnections between future topics in a visually stunning trend network.

How to get started

If your organization doesn't have an account yet, start a free trial at https://app.fibresonline.com/signup.

If your colleagues are already on FIBRES, ask to join their account.

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