How to use classifications

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What are classifications

Classifications can be used for any type of assessment relevant to your use case. Classifications can allow single-choice (radio buttons) or multiple-choice (checkboxes). 

How to use classifications

When you have the right Classifications in place, Classifications are easy to use.

  1. Open a finding.
  2. Scroll down to Classifications.
  3. Select value(s) to classify your finding.

Classifications can only "hold" one answer at a time. If you want to vote on findings with a group of people, we recommend using Joint evaluations and Polls.

Filter with classifications

You can use classifications as filters in the Findings, Network, and Radar views.

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Change your classifications

Trial accounts have a default classification for phenomenon certainty, but we can configure your account for any number and type of classifications. to get the type of classifications you need.

Examples of classifications

  • Phenomenon certainty
  • Affected activities
  • Suggested action
  • Phenomenon maturity
  • Origin & domain
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