Searching, sorting and filtering


To apply a word search, first click open the search and filter dialog. You can also do a word search on the Home page and then jump to one of the other views (Radar/Network/Summaries).

Search tips

Use these search commands to get more exact results.

Autonomous driving

Match everything that has both autonomous and driving (with some tolerance for typos).

"Autonomous driving"

Match everything that has "autonomous driving" literally.


Match everything that has autonomous literally.

Autonomous -driving

Match everything that has autonomous but not driving.


Match everything that has either autonomous or driving.


You can sort content in the list views (Findings/Summaries) by applying sorting criteria.


You can filter your findings with many parameters, including:

  • Text search
  • Finding type
  • Create date
  • Publish date
  • Owner
  • Radar positioning
  • Tags
  • Collections
  • Classifications

Persisting filters

If you apply filters in one view, and then hop over to another view, the filters will persist if they're applicable in the second view.

For example, if you search and filter for a selection of findings in the Findings view, and then move to Radar, you will only see the selected findings on Radar.

Saved searches

You can save search queries that you perform often.

  1. Apply search terms and filters.
  2. Select Saved searches.
  3. Give your search a name.
  4. Click save.
  5. Your search is saved for later use.

Filtering in Sources

In Sources, the filters are a bit different than in other views. This is because the articles in Sources are not in your FIBRES account yet.

You cannot filter by e.g. finding type and owner because these attributes are related to findings, i.e. items already in your FIBRES account.


Articles in FIBRESEED are categorized thematically. Use these filters to find interesting news from areas relevant to you.

Is an important category missing? Get in touch with our team to get a new category for Sources.

Clear filters

Active filters are indicated by an orange number next to the search and filter icon.

To clear filters:

  1. Navigate Sources, Findings, Network, or Radar.
  2. Click the search and filter icon.
  3. Click Clear filters.
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