FIBRESEED is a treasure trove for your foresight work. It's a feed full of signals waiting to be added to your findings database.


FIBRESEED is a feed of high-quality articles accessible inside FIBRES.  You can search the FIBRESEED database for interesting new findings under Sources. Relevant FIBRESEED articles are also recommended by AI inside each of your findings.

What sources does FIBRESEED monitor

FIBRESEED finds content via selected RSS feeds, news sites, open databases, and automated web crawls.

In addition to the default sources FIBRESEED monitors, we can add your own sources to FIBRESEED, including:

  • Websites
  • RSS feeds
  • Google alerts
  • Social media feeds

Create findings from FIBRESEED

In Sources

You can search the entire FIBRESEED feed in Sources and create findings of selected articles.

  1. Navigate to Sources.
  2. Enter your search keyword(s).
  3. Select interesting pieces of content.
  4. Click Create finding.

A finding is created of the FIBRESEED article with the finding type Signal.

With AI Picks

FIBRESEED articles can also appear under AI picks for easy linking of related articles.

  1. Open a finding or a summary.
  2. Scroll down to AI Picks.
  3. Look for suggestions with the tag News or Social media and click the link icon.

A finding is created of the FIBRESEED article with the finding type signal. The signal is also linked to the finding where you created it from.

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