Use classifications to organize and filter findings.

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What are classifications

Classifications can be used for any type of assessment relevant to your use case. Classifications can allow single-choice (radio buttons) or multiple-choice (checkboxes). 

How to use classifications

When you have the right Classifications in place, Classifications are easy to use.

  1. Open a finding.
  2. Scroll down to Classifications.
  3. Select value(s) to classify your finding.

Classifications can only "hold" one answer at a time. If you want to vote on findings with a group of people, we recommend using Joint evaluations and Polls.

Use classifications as filters

You can use classifications as filters in the Findings, Network, and Radar views.

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Custom classifications

Trial accounts have a default classification for phenomenon certainty, but we can configure your account for any number and type of classifications. to get the type of classifications you need.

Fill in this form to request a new classification or book a configuration meeting.

Examples of classifications

  • Phenomenon certainty
  • Affected activities
  • Suggested action
  • Phenomenon maturity
  • Origin & domain