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Expose yourself to new points of view with automatically sourced content.


FIBRESEED is a growing database of automatically sourced content. With FIBRESEED, you can access thousands of news articles from trustworthy sources directly from your account. 

    How FIBRESEED works

    FIBRESEED sources content from the world wide web, including:

    • Selected RSS feeds
    • Selected news sites
    • Open databases, like the GDELT database
    • Automated web crawls

    What topics FIBRESEED monitors

    Currently, FIBRESEED monitors the following topics:

    • Artificial intelligence
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Future of work
    • GRC (Governance, Risk management, and Compliance)
    • Internet of things
    • Logistics
    • Nanoengineering
    • Retail
    • Robotics
    • Smart cities
    • Smart materials
    • Sustainability
    • Travel
    • Urbanization
    • Wellbeing and health

    Tip: Include your own topics or sources

    Have a source or a topic you would like monitored? FIBRESEED is constantly updated based on our customers' wishes. It is possible to add your own sources into FIBRESEED!

    How to add content from FIBRESEED

    FIBRESEED content is saved into a separate database, which you can access from your account. You can find FIBRESEED content in Source and under AI Picks.

    Add FIBRESEED content in Source

    You can easily browse the entire FIBRESEED database in the Source section.

    1. Navigate to Source.
    2. Enter your search keyword(s).
    3. Select the interesting pieces of content.
    4. Click Import to FIBRES.

    Note: New items are always imported as Signals

    When you import content from connected sources, they are added into your account as Signals. You can change this content type at any time.

    Add FIBRESEED content under AI Picks

    Get the most relevant content suggestions from FIBRESEED under AI Picks:

    1. Open a Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend.
    2. Scroll down to AI Picks.
    3. Find new content with the tag FIBRESEED

    How to enable FIBRESEED

    When you set up your account, you can opt for a 30-day free trial of FIBRESEED.  Contact our team at info@fibresonline.com to ask for a quote and enable FIBRESEED for your account.