Findings are the building blocks of your foresight work.

What are findings

Findings are the individual inputs that you save in FIBRES.

In addition to a title, image, and description, each finding has its own:


Create findings

There are several ways to create findings:

  1. With the Create button.
  2. With AI picks.
  3. From Sources.
  4. With the web clipper.
  5. With imports.

Finding types

Every finding has a finding type. Using the different finding types helps you organize your findings hierarchically. The 4 finding types in FIBRES are:

Change finding type

  1.  Open a finding. 
  2.  Click the finding type label under the image.
  3.  Select the new finding type.
  4. Click Change type.


Finding visibility

Public findings can be seen by all users in your account. Private findings can be seen only by the finding owner.

Change finding visibility

  1. Click on the rounded button Public/Private.
  2. Click Change.

The Findings view

All your findings are listed in the Findings view. When you select findings, an action bar appears and you can take select actions:

  • Find similar
  • Create linkage
  • Create a poll