Joint evaluations and polls

Vote on findings together with your users.


What are Joint evaluations and Polls

Joint evaluations and Polls is a feature set for voting. With Joint evaluations, a new section titled Joint evaluations will be added to your findings.

The type and number of questions within Joint evaluations are always customized to your need.

Joint evaluations vs. Classifications

Joint evaluations and Polls are best for collecting the opinion of many people. The questions can be answered differently by every user, and the result is the average of those answers.

If you want to categorize and filter findings, we recommend using  Classifications.

How to evaluate a finding

Once you have the right Joint evaluation in place, findings can be evaluated in two ways:

Evaluating within a finding

A single finding can be evaluated at any given time.

  1. Open a finding.
  2. Scroll down to Joint evaluations. 
  3. Evaluate the finding by clicking on the green boxes.


Evaluating within a poll

Many findings can be evaluated with the help of Polls.

  1. Open the menu.
  2. Click on Polls.
  3. Open the right poll.
  4. Evaluate the findings by clicking on the green boxes.

help-joint-evaluations-and-polls 3

How to create a poll

Polls can be used to ask users to evaluate a set of findings.  Create a Poll to make it easy for your users to evaluate a set of findings.

  1. Navigate to Findings.
  2. Select one or more findings.
  3. Click Create a poll in the action bar.

When a poll is created, an invite to all users is sent by email and via the notification center.

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Customize this feature for you

To customize this feature for you, book a configuration meeting.