Using joint evaluations and polls

Let your users vote on findings with customized joint evaluations.

What are joint evaluations and polls

Joint evaluations and polls is a feature set that allows your users to answer questions about your findings. It is typically used for voting purposes.

If you have joint evaluations and polls enabled, your findings will have have a new section titled Joint evaluations with a set of questions specific to you.

fibres-joint-evaluations-votingHow to evaluate a finding

If your account already has joint evaluations enabled, you can evaluate a given finding at any given time.

  1. Open a finding.
  2. Scroll down to Joint evaluations. 
  3. Evaluate the finding on the given scale.

How to participate in a poll

If there is an active poll, you can evaluate many findings at once.  You can find the poll in the FIBRES main menu or your notification center.

  1. Open the menu.
  2. Click on Polls.
  3. Open the right poll.
  4. Evaluate the findings in the poll.

fibres-joint-evaluations-pollHow to create a poll

With polls, you can remind users to vote on joint evaluations.

When a poll is created, an invite to all users is sent by email and via the notification center.

  1. Navigate to Findings.
  2. Select one or more findings.
  3. Click Create a poll in the action bar.

What is the difference between joint evaluations and classifications?

Both features are used for assessing findings. The main differences are:

  • Joint evaluations can be evaluated differently by every user, and the result is the average of those answers. Classifications can only hold one answer.
  • Classifications can be used as filters on Findings, Network, and Radar. Joint evaluations can't be used as filters.

Request this feature

If you want to enable joint evaluations and polls for your account, email us at or book a configuration meeting from the calendar below.