MAPEGY integration

Create findings from the MAPEGY InnovationGraph database.

What is the MAPEGY powerup

The MAPEGY InnovationGraph is a database of thousands of publications, organizations, and experts.

With the MAPEGY powerup for FIBRES, you can search the InnovationGraph database inside FIBRES and create findings of interesting items.

This is a paid data source

If your account hasn't been configured for this data source, you won't have access to it. Please contact our team for a trial!

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Search MAPEGY and create findings

You can open the MAPEGY powerup in Sources or inside a finding.

In Sources

  1. Navigate to Sources.
  2. Under Powerups, click MAPEGY to open the powerup.
  3. Enter your search keyword(s).
  4. Click Create finding.

Inside a finding

  1. Open any Signal, Signal Cluster, Trend, or Megatrend.
  2. Scroll down to MAPEGY.
  3. Click Manage linkages to open the link editor.
  4. Enter your search keyword(s).