Network is where you can explore your findings visually.

What is the Network view

The Network shows your top-level findings (Megatrends, Trends, and Signal Clusters) and linkages between them.


How to add items

Is your Network empty? Create a Megatrend, Trend, or Signal Cluster. See Create a finding.

How to connect items

Is your Network full of disconnected items? Create linkages between your Megatrends, Trends, and Signal Clusters to connect them on the Network. See Linking.

Color codes

Megatrends, Trends, Signal Clusters

Megatrends: turquoise bubbles

Trends: green bubbles

Signal Clusters: blue bubbles


Signals are not shown on the Network. However, the thicker the border around another bubble, the more Signals it has linked to it. 


Summaries are not shown on the Network. However, you can filter the Network to only show findings in a selected summary.


Thick lines

Thick lines represent linkages. These linkages were made by your team or they came with the findings (like TRENDONE content). See linking and unlinking.

Thin lines

Thin lines represent shared Signals. When FIBRES notices that two findings share a significant number of linked Signals, it connects the findings with a thin line.