Using the Sources view

Sources is a view of all your connected sources.

What is Sources

Sources lists articles from your connected sources. It is like a personalized and searchable feed that you can use to source for findings.

Sources vs. Findings

The difference between Sources and Findings is that Sources lists links to articles not yet in your account. When you create findings out of them, they are added into Findings.

Create findings from Sources

You can create findings from articles listed in Sources.

  1. Select an article by clicking the selector.
  2. Click Create finding.

A new finding is created with the finding type Signal.


FIBRESEED is our own scouting service visible under Sources if you opted to choose it for your 30-day trial or have included it in your paid plan.

Read more about FIBRESEED →

Request a new source or category

If you want to discuss adding a new source or category in your Sources view, send us an email at or book a meeting from the calendar below.