Manage user rights

FIBRES has four different user rights levels: Administrator, Trend Manager, Trend Scout and Read Only. 


Administrator users can invite, edit, and revoke users’ access to your FIBRES Account. Naturally, an Administrator has full user rights to all FIBRES functionalities available to lower user rights levels as well.

This is the user rights level for people who are responsible for the whole process of using FIBRES in your organization, such as head of foresight, trend manager, innovation manager, strategy lead,  or head of business. We recommend having two Administrators at a minimum.

Trend Manager

Trend Managers can add, edit and remove all content throughout FIBRES. Main difference to an Administrator is that a Trend Manager can only invite new users for Trend Scout and Read Only roles.

A Trend Manager is typically a person who actually works on Signals but even more on Signal Clusters and Trends. Perhaps this is a role in your process also with responsibilities for trend impact assessments, and for facilitating the work of others.

Trend Scout

Trend Scouts can add and edit Signals and Signal Clusters with read and commenting rights to other Articles.

This is the perfect user rights level for people responsible for horizon scanning and spotting of new Signals.

Read Only

Users with Read Only rights can read and comment all content, but can not edit anything. They can also participate in Joint Evaluations and Polls for voting purposes, if this premium feature set is activated on your FIBRES Account.

This is the correct user rights level for those who are not expected to give their active contribution to the trend or strategy work but who you want to keep updated on what is going on.