Request a custom AI data set

When you want AI-generated future phenomena on a specific topic, custom AI data are the right solution for you.

What are custom AI data sets

We offer two types of AI data sets: free default AI data sets and paid custom AI data sets. Our default AI data sets cover generic topics, such as healthcare, mobility, and e-commerce. If these generic topics do not settle your need, you should look into custom AI data sets.

Custom AI data sets could be for you, if:

  • You need a data set on a more specific topic
  • You want frequent updates for your data sets

How are custom AI data sets made

Custom AI data sets are made to your order. You can order a custom AI data set based on a topic, theme, technology, industry, or area of interest, for example.

Depending on your need, the data set could include a number of findings, a radar with the findings pre-populated on it, and a summary with the findings linked to it.

AI data sets are best for getting started and expanding your imagination, but will not replace context-specific sensemaking or real-time data gathering.

How are custom AI data sets priced

You can find pricing information on custom AI data sets on our Pricing page.

How to request a custom AI data set

Please book a demo to discuss custom AI data sets and your FIBRES setup in general, or send us an email at to ask more.

If you are already signed up for the custom AI data sets service, you can request a new custom AI data set by email from

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