Accounts and users explained

Accounts and user credentials explained.

What is an account

An account is a private workspace in FIBRES that's accessible only to the users that have been invited to that account. With your user credentials, you may have access to multiple accounts.

What are user credentials

User credentials are the email and password combination that you use to log in to your account(s). You may also use Google authentication or SSO to log in.

How to create a new account

If you don't have an account yet, you can start a free trial at Signing up creates a new account.

Set up a parallel account

If you are an existing user of FIBRES and wish to set up a parallel account that you can access with the same user credentials, please send us a message at

How to join an existing account

If you want to join your colleague in an existing account, you can only do so via an invitation to that account. Starting a free trial will land you in a new account with no other users.

Follow the instructions in the invitation email

When another user adds you to their account, you will get an invitation email. Click the button on the invitation email.

Depending on whether you already have user credentials for your email, you will be asked to register or to log in before you can access the account.

Tried to join your team but ended up in an empty account?

You probably started a free trial instead, which creates a new account just for you. Instead, you need to ask your colleague to invite you to their existing account.

Change between accounts

If you have access to multiple accounts, you can change between them easily.

  1. Open the drop-down menu and select Change account.
  2. You will see a list of accounts you have access to. Select the one you want to open.
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