Archiving and deleting

How to archive and delete findings you no longer need.

Who can archive or delete a finding?

You can archive or delete a finding or a summary that you are the owner of. If you have Administrator or Trend manager user rights, you can archive or delete any finding in your FIBRES account.

Archive a finding

You can archive findings and summaries that you no longer wish to see in your Findings and Summaries views, but don't want to delete altogether.

For example, if you've subscribed to the TRENDONE data service, you might want to archive signals that are not relevant to you to keep your Findings listing relevant.

  1. Open the finding or summary in full view.
  2. Click Archive in the action panel and confirm archiving.

Restoring archived findings

If you want to restore an archived finding, you need to first find the archived finding using the filters.

  1. Navigate to Findings or Summaries.
  2. Open the filter panel.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced filters and select Include archived.
  4. Open the finding or summary in full view.
  5. Click Restore in the action panel.

Delete a finding

If you want to permanently delete a finding, you can do so in finding full view.

  1. Open the finding or summary in full view.
  2. Click Delete in the action panel and confirm deleting.

Restoring deleted findings

Deleting findings and summaries is permanent. However, we regularly take backups and may be able to restore an earlier version of your finding or summary. If you accidentally deleted findings or summaries you didn't mean to delete, please contact us at

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