Private and public settings

All content in your account is by default Public meaning that they are visible to all invited users. Set findings and summaries to Private if you want to work on them privately.

Public findings and summaries

By default, all findings and summaries in your account are visible to everyone in that account. Despite the name "public" no one outside of your organization can see the finding or summary.

Whether a user has editing rights to a finding or summary is defined by their user role. With summaries, you need to be made collaborator to make edits to the summary.

Private findings and summaries

Findings and summaries can be changed to private by their owner if they want to work on it privately. Even private summaries can be seen and worked on by their collaborators.

Change visibility to private if you want to work on your finding or summary before publishing it to your team.

Change visibility

You must be the owner of the finding or summary to change its visibility.

  1. Click on Public/Private above the title. 
  2. Select Change visibility.
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