How to add data sets

Ready-made data sets help you get started faster and complement your own views. You can manage your data sets in the Your data sets section of the main menu.

What data we offer

FIBRES is meant for curating your own database of findings. Sometimes, you may wish to add ready-made data sets from other creators. These are the options we offer.

Data sets by human experts

We offer data sets from foresight consultants. Some of the data sets are free, some come at a cost. We currently offer data sets from the following providers:

Suggest a new data set

Would you like to get a specific data set in FIBRES? We are constantly adding new data sets to our offering. Please tell us if there's a data set you'd like to access in your FIBRES account.

Create a commercial data set

Are you a foresight consultant or a domain expert interested in creating a data set on FIBRES to be shared with others? Contact us to create your own commercial data set in FIBRES.

Data sets by AI

We also curate our own data sets with the help of AI technologies. These data sets are intended as a starting point for your own work, and are best for inspiration.

There are no in-house analysts working at FIBRES. We are a software company, and our mission is to help you do your own foresight by providing the best tool for the job.

How to add a data set

Open the main menu in the top-right corner of FIBRES and select Your data sets. You will then see a listing of the data sets we currently offer.

How data sets work

Once you've added a data set, it will be downloaded to your account. A data set may include anything between 10 to 40 000 findings. They may also include radars, that the findings have been positioned on, and summaries, that the findings have been grouped in.

Findings and summaries added via data sets share the same finding template as your other findings and summaries. They are fully editable and you can link them with your other findings and summaries.

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