How to pin items

Pin findings to keep them at the top of the Linked items section.

Pin a finding

  1. Open a finding or a summary.
  2. Scroll down to Linked items.
  3. Click Manage linkages.
  4. Select the items you want to pin.
  5. Click Pin in the action bar.

The selected items will be pinned to the top of the Linked items section of the finding or summary you are working on. 

Pinning vs. linking

A pinned item is always linked as well. If you pin an item that wasn't previously linked, a linkage is created as well.

If an item is unpinned, it will still be linked to the finding or summary. However, if a finding is unlinked, the pin is removed as well.

Download as PPT with pinned items

Pinning is helpful when you want to download a finding or a summary with linked items.

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