How notifications work

Email notifications and the notification center

Notifications are sent via email and notification center (the bell icon).

Enable/disable email notifications

You can decide whether you want notifications via email or only the notification center.

  1. Click on the menu.
  2. Click on your name to open Your profile.
  3. Check/Uncheck the box for receiving email notifications of followed items.

Notifications are sent for

Edits and new linkages in findings/summaries you follow:

  • Someone has changed position on radar or classifications.
  • Someone has added new linkages.

For mentions even in findings/summaries you don't follow:

  • Someone has mentioned you in a finding/summary comment.

For invitations to polls and summaries:

  • Someone has invited you to a poll.
  • Someone has invited you to a summary.

Automatic following

You automatically follow findings/summaries you have created. You also follow summaries where you have been added as a collaborator.

Follow/unfollow a finding or a summary

If you want to opt in or out of notifications for a specific finding/summary:

  1. Open that finding/summary.
  2. Click Follow/Stop following.
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