Using automatic translations

Automatic translations help you cast a wider net and work across multiple languages.

What are automatic translations?

Automatic translations is a premium feature that gives you great accuracy for your cross-language searches. If you work across multiple languages, it's a must-have for your foresight work.

Find new signals in other languages

In Sources view

When searching for new findings, you will see results across different languages even when you're searching in another language.

Under AI picks

With the automatic translations feature enabled, the same cross-language capability is available for the automated AI picks.

Which languages can be translated?

The automatic translations feature is always configured for the languages you need to work across. Please ask more from

View your existing signals in your own language

With automated translations, you can read any item either in its original language or in English.

  1. Open a finding or a summary in full view.
  2. Under the description field, click Generate description and View in (en).

Editing a translated finding

Editing the description of a finding is only available for the original language version. If you find yourself unable to edit a finding, click Generate description and select View original.

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