Using finding types: Megatrends

Save long-lasting developments as Megatrends.

What are Megatrends

Megatrends are one of the four finding types in FIBRES. The other finding types are Trends, Signal Clusters, and Signals.

How to use Megatrends

Use the finding types in a way that serves you best. You can use Megatrends for globally recognized and long-lasting developments.


  • Climate change
  • Globalization
  • Inequality


Write out how the Megatrend manifests in your business or industry. Create linkages from a Megatrend to the Trends that support it.


Megatrends on Radar

Megatrends appear on the Radar as turquoise bubbles, if they have been positioned to the Radar.

Megatrends in Network

Megatrends appear in the Network as turquoise bubbles.