Using finding types: Signal Clusters

Save related observations as Signal Clusters.

What are Signal Clusters

Signal Cluster is one of the four finding types in FIBRES. The other finding types are Megatrends, Trends, and Signals.

How to use Signal Clusters

Use the finding types in a way that serves you best. Signal Cluster can be good for observations that are more significant than individual Signals but not quite Trends either.


  • Renewable materials in packaging
  • Artificial intelligence in imaging
  • 3D printing for the visually impaired

Tip: Use Signal Clusters to group related Signals

If you wanted to understand the full scope of  3D printing, you could create a Trend for 3D printing, link it to several Signal Clusters for 3D printing in different verticals, and link those those Signal Clusters to individual Signals.

Signal Clusters on Radar

Signal Clusters appear on the Radar as blue bubbles, if they have been positioned to the Radar.

Signal Clusters in Network

Signal Clusters appear in the Network as blue bubbles.