Using finding types: Trends

Save emerging and recognized developments as Trends.

What are Trends

Trend is one of the four finding types in FIBRES. The other finding types are Megatrends, Signal Clusters, and Signals.

How to use Trends

Use the finding types in a way that serves you best. Trends can be good for emerging or recognized developments.


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Self-driving cars

Tip: Use Trends to synthesize your thinking 

After collecting some Signals, you might notice you're dealing with something more substantial. In this type of trend scouting approach, you could create a Trend to synthesize your thinking. Remember also to link all the supporting Signals to your Trend!


Trends on Radar

Trends appear on the Radar as green bubbles, if they have been positioned to the Radar.

Trends in Network

Trends appear in the Network as green bubbles.