Change your radar layout

Building different types of radars is easy with FIBRES. The radar layout is customizable so you can get (almost) any type of radar you need.

Change your existing radar

We can easily change your radar layout for you. All of the sectors and horizons on the radar can be modified to your needs.

There are 4 "axes" on the radar, which can be customized for you:

  • The radar sectors
  • The radar horizons
  • The radar bubble sizes
  • The radar bubble colors

While it's up to you to decide what each of these axes stands for, we are happy to advise how to set up your radar so that it best supports your foresight needs.

If you need changes to your radar layout, you can contact us at Just tell us what you'd like changed and we'll quickly change the layout for you.

Get a completely new radar

It's also possible to have multiple radars. When you have multiple radars configured for your account, you can switch between them on the Radar view by using a dropdown menu.

When you are positioning a finding to a radar, you can select which of your radars you want it to appear on. You can even position a single finding on more than one radars.

Request a new radar via form

You can request a new radar by filling in this form. Once we've confirmed the radar layout with you, we will configure the new radar layout for your account within one business day.

Book a configuration meeting

Do you want to discuss your account setup as a whole? We recommend booking a configuration meeting to get your radar layouts, classifications, and other feature setups in order in one go.

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