How to add a finding to a radar

FIBRES lets your compile different types of radars from your findings.

What are radars

Radars are visual summary views for your most important findings. You can view all your radars in the Radar view, accessible via the main navigation.

How to add a finding to a radar

Findings are added to radars in the finding full view.

  1. Open a finding in full view.
  2. Scroll down to Position on radar.
  3. Select a value from all of the dropdown menus.
  4. A bubble will appear on the radar preview to indicate the new position.

Add a finding to multiple radars

One finding can be added to multiple radars. For example, if you have a Technology radar and a Strategy radar and you'd like to position "Artificial intelligence" on both of them, you don't have to create two separate findings for this purpose.

To position the same trend to multiple radars, you need to switch radars in the Radar drop-down in the "Position on Radar" section of the finding full view, and then assess the trend according to the criteria of the selected radar. 

Tip: Use emoji in finding titles ⬆️/⬇️/⚠️/💡/💎

If you want to highlight findings on your radar, you can insert emoji in the finding titles.

Add emoji from the emoji keyboard:

  • Mac: Right-click and select Emoji & Symbols OR press control + command + space
  • PC: Press Windows logo key  + . (period)

Copy-paste emoji from a unicode library:

Move or remove a finding

To move a finding to a different spot on a radar, reselect values in the dropdowns.

To remove a finding from a radar, unselect one or more of the values in the dropdowns. Removing a finding will only affect the selected radar.

Tip: Make use of the radar preview

The radar preview shows the new position of your finding on a radar. Use it to double check the intended position on the radar without navigating to the radar view.

How positioning suggestions work

Click the lightbulb icons next to the dropdown menu titles to see positioning suggestions. FIBRES will provide positioning suggestions if you've previously positioned linked findings.

Access pre-populated radars

We offer pre-populated radars on different topics.

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