Ideas for using filters on radars

Drill down on your radars with filters.

Filters on radars

All common filters, such as tags, owners, and classifications, can be applied in the FIBRES Radar view. If you use a specific combination of filters often, remember to make use of saved searches to save a few clicks. Here are some ideas for using filters on radars.

Filter a radar with a summary

Summaries can't be positioned on radars as such because they are intended as a way to summarize multiple findings.

However, you can filter your radar to only show the findings linked to a given summary.

For example, if you've compiled trends thematically in summaries, you can filter a given radar by that summary.

To filter a radar with a summary:

  1. Navigate to Radar.
  2. Open the filter options and scroll down to Linked to.
  3. Search and select the correct summary.
  4. Close the filters.

Filter a radar with classifications

If you need to create different types of radar views from your findings, using multiple radars is one option. An alternative to using multiple radars is having one "master" radar that you use filters on.

For example, you might have a classification for impacted business areas, with values for sales, logistics, and products. Then, you could filter your radar based on these values to render a business area-specific radar.

To filter a radar with a classification:

  1. Navigate to Radar.
  2. Open the filter options and scroll all the way down to where classifications are listed.
  3. Click on the desired classification value(s).
  4. Close the filters.

Hide filtered

Once you've filtered your radar, the findings on your radar that don't match the filters will be grayed out. Moreover, you can toggle on the option Hide filtered to hide them completely. This is handy if you want to export an image of your radar that only shows a part of your findings.

Filters on embedded radars

Unfortunately, filters can't currently be applied to radars embedded outside of FIBRES, such as your website or intranet. Embedded radars will always show all the content they have on them.

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