Commenting and pinging

Comment on findings and summaries to discuss with other users in your account. Ping them to get their attention.

Who can comment on findings

Commenting and pinging is available to users with all user roles.


Every finding and summary in FIBRES has its own comment section for on-going discussion.

  1. Open a finding or a summary in full view.
  2. Click Discussion to open the comment section.
  3. Write your comment and hit Enter to send.

Tip: Leave a comment on clipped articles

Comments are a great way to contextualize new signals saved with the Web clipper. When you leave a comment, your colleagues will immediately know why you decided to save that signal into your FIBRES database. Try to convey:

  • What was interesting about the article?
  • Why did you decide to save the article?
  • How is this article important to your organization?
  • What should your organization do about it?


When writing a comment, you can type @ to see a list of your users to ping. Continue typing to refine the search. When you send the comment, the user will be pinged via email and the Notification center.

Show change history

The comments section is also where change history is saved, including changes to radar positioning and classification values.

  1. Open a finding or a summary in full view.
  2. Click Discussion to open the comments.
  3. Select Show change history.
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