Compile different types of radars from your findings.

What are radars

Radars are visual summary views for your most important findings.


Adding a finding to a radar

Findings can be positioned on one or more radars.

  1. Open a Megatrend, Trend, Signal cluster, or Signal.
  2. Scroll down to Position on radar.
  3. If you have multiple radars, select the radar you want to add your finding to.
  4. Select a value from all of the dropdown menus.


Moving a finding on a radar

To move a finding to a different spot a radar, reselect values in the dropdowns.

Removing a finding from a radar

To remove a finding from a radar, unselect one or more of the values in the dropdowns.

Positioning suggestions

Click the lightbulb icons next to the dropdown menu titles to see positioning suggestions. FIBRES will provide positioning suggestions if you've previously positioned linked findings.

Tip: Using emoji in finding titles ⬆️/⬇️/🔴/🌕/🟢/❓

If you want to make findings pop on your radar, you can use emoji in the radar titles.

Open the emoji keyboard on a Mac:

Right click and select Emoji & Symbols OR press control + command + space

Open the emoji keyboard on a PC:

Press Windows logo key  + . (period)

Copy-paste emoji from a unicode library:


Change your radar layout or request a new radar

The radar layout is customizable. The following assessment criteria can be configured to your needs:

  • Radar sectors
  • Radar horizons
  • Radar bubble sizes

Request a new radar by filling in this form →

Customize this feature for you

To customize this feature for you, book a configuration meeting.