Using the Radar view

Radar is where you can find all your trend radars.

What is the Radar view

The Radar view shows your Radars and the findings you been positioned on those Radars.


Adding a finding to a Radar

A single finding can be added to one or more Radars.

  1. Open a Megatrend, Trend, or Signal Cluster.
  2. Scroll down to Position on Radar.
  3. Select the Radar you want to position your item on.
  4. Select a value from all of the dropdown menus.

Moving or removing findings

To move a finding to a different spot a Radar, reselect values in the dropdown menu.

To remove a finding from a Radar, unselect any of the values.

Why don't Signals show up on the Radar?

Radars are typically used to summarize larger phenomena than signals. In FIBRES, Signals can't be positioned to the Radar. Consider changing the finding type of your finding to position it to the Radar.



Using positioning suggestions

Click the lightbulb icons next to the dropdown menu titles to see positioning suggestions. FIBRES will provide positioning suggestions if you've previously positioned linked findings.

Request a new Radar

The default radar you chose at the beginning of your trial might not match your needs.

To request a new Radar, send us an email at or book a configuration meeting from the calendar below.

We will send you a configuration template that helps you plan your Radar.