How to build a tech radar

The demicircle radar layout in FIBRES is fully customizable. Here is a setup we would recommend if your aim was to build a technology radar.

An example of a tech radar built with FIBRES.

How to build a tech radar in FIBRES

Building a tech radar in FIBRES is very straightforward. You would first configure a radar layout suitable for your need. You would then create findings, e.g. Trends, for each of the technologies. Finally, you would position these findings on your radar.

If you wanted to share your tech radar online, you could do so by embedding it on a chosen web page.

Ideal setup for a tech radar

The way you structure your tech radar is completely up to you, but most often we see this type of setup:

  • Using radar sectors for technology types or categories
    • For example, Infrastructures, Datastores, Data management, Languages
  • Using radar horizons or rings for recommended action or time-based assessment
    • For example, Adopt, Trial, Assess, Hold

Configuring suitable sectors and horizons would be the minimum setup you would need for a tech radar.

Optional: Add bubble coloring to your tech radar

You also have the option to use bubble coloring to highlight items on the radar. Without bubble coloring, the findings would be colored with their default coloring.

Bubble colors are chosen independently of radar sectors and horizons.

Optional: Use a custom finding type for your tech radar

The default finding types in FIBRES are Megatrend, Trend, Signal cluster, and Signal. With custom finding types, you could configure a custom finding type for Technology.

Request a new radar layout

You can request a new radar layout by filling in this form. Once we've confirmed the radar layout with you, we will configure the new radar layout for your account within one business day.

Book a configuration meeting

Do you want to discuss your account setup as a whole? We recommend booking a configuration meeting to get your radar layouts, classifications, and other feature setups in order in one go.

Not a FIBRES user yet?

You can start a 30-day free trial at to see if FIBRES is the tool you're looking for to create a tech radar.

Findings on a tech radar can be clicked to open a preview of the finding description.
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