Generate description with AI

The generate description AI functionality assists with your foresight work.

Summarize linked items

Generating a description from linked items help you quickly summarize new topics for sensemaking.

  1. Open a finding or a summary in full view.
  2. Under the description, click Generate description and select Summarize linked items.
  3. The latest 5 linked items will be summarized in the description. Click again to summarize the next 5 linked items.
  4. Edit the description as you like.

Tip: Summarize signals in a signal cluster

Use Generate description to quickly summarize a bunch of signals. If you are making sense of a host of new signals, we recommend the following workflow:

Create a signal cluster and link the new signals with the signal cluster. Inside the signal cluster, select Generate description > Summarize linked items.

This will help you quickly consolidate information, without jumping back and forth between the signal cluster and the signals.

Generate a description

Want to get started quickly on a new topic? Use Generate description from title. This feature is coming up soon.

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